Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ellington Ratliff

  • His first name is Ellington, but he is known as Ratliff ( his last name) so that every band members first name begins with R.
  • His girlfriends name is Kelly Voosen.
  • He is very sarcastic and comedic.
  • His full name is Ellington Lee Ratliff.
  • His birthday is April 14, 1993.
  • He appeared in the pilot episode of "Victorios" as Ian.
  • He plays the drums and vocals.
  • He isnt related to the rest of the members. He is a close family friend, but relates to them as family.
  • His favorite color is dark green.
  • He once wore a penguin suit on stage.
  • He was in the movie "The Muppets" with his mom.
  • He met the Lynches at The Rage and then joined the band once they found out he could play the drums.